Freequenty Asked Questions

General Questions

1 What is the duration of the rental period?

You can rent for a lunch shift or evening shift or a full day shift.

2 Can I visit the hall before booking?

Of course you can visit our hall before book.

3 How do I book the hall?

You can book through online booking form by providing your information or just contact us.

4 What is the minimum & maximum number of guests for an event?

We don’t have a minimum number of guest. However based on number of guests, our hall rent will be adjusted.

5 Is there, in house decoration & catering service?

Our event management partner is Ajwah Events and catering partner is Paragon Catering.

6 Is there rooftop accessibility for the guests?

Yes. We offer rooftop access to guests.

7 For what kind of events your hall can be booked?

You can perform any social or corporate events such as anniversary, birthday, marriage day, wedding, holud, corporate parties etc.

8 What is the security system?

Our hall is covered by 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

9 Is the hall wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Our hall is wheelchair accessible.

10 What is the guest capacity for 12th floor?

You can host an event with maximum 700-800 guests at 12th floor.

11 What is the guest capacity for 13th floor?

You can host any event with 300-400 guests on 13th floor.

12 What is the capacity for car parking?

We have underground car parking facility with 100+ car parking space.

13 Are there any lift facilities?

Yes we have other facilities such as 3 dedicated lifts, 24/7 cctv surveillance, uninterrupted power system etc.