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Fortune Convention Hall commenced on its journey in January 2021, and today, it stands as a proud establishment under the umbrella of Paragon Hospitality. As part of Paragon Hospitality, we are dedicated to serving guests within the vibrant heart of Dhaka, providing them with unforgettable experiences and world-class facilities.

Over the years, Fortune Convention Hall has had the privilege of hosting and serving more than 10 lakhs guests, leaving a trail of positive reviews and lasting memories. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every event we host.

What Sets Us Apart?

⇒ Panorama Photography: At Fortune Convention Hall, guests can capture breathtaking panoramic views, adding a touch of grandeur to their memories.

⇒ Cityscape Views: Our halls offer a dynamic cityscape view that adds an extra layer of charm to your events, creating a unique and memorable backdrop.

⇒ Rooftop Access: With rooftop access, we invite you to experience the open sky and vast space, adding an element of freedom and beauty to your gatherings.

⇒ Pillarless High Ceilings: Our pillarless design not only adds elegance to your decorations but also ensures an unobstructed panorama view, making every event truly spectacular.

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At Fortune Convention Hall, we believe in creating not just events but unforgettable experiences. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to make memories and set new standards in hospitality.

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